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June 2017



It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Grapevine newsletter as there were no editions in April or May. But, there’s a lot going on this month.


Congratulations to our neighborhood grads. Now that school is out, just a friendly reminder to keep an eye out for our kiddos when driving around the neighborhood.


The Arbors Yard of the Month has returned and thank you to Arbors neighbor Matt Cohagen for heading up that committee. Congratulations to 1102 Brook Arbor Dr. and 2609 Wild Ivy Dr., April and May’s yards of the month respectively. Look for the yard of the month sign around the neighborhood.


Thank you to everyone who submitted their address with a broken curb. City workers are working around the Arbors to fix the curbs to help get the neighborhood looking great again.


It’s that pesky time to year again. Annual dues become past due on June 1. Many neighbors have already paid and I thank you for being prompt.


Just like last year, I (along with other board members) will be out at the guard shack on June 1, 6-9a.m. collecting dues, weather permitting. We collected several dozen dues last year and was deemed a tremendous success. If you prefer to pay your dues online, log onto www.arborsofcreekwood.com/dues


Since dues are being collected this month, our C&Rs reminder actually comes from our bylaws (slightly edited for space):

1. Each household within the Arbors of Creekwood shall pay the annual assessment and any special assessments in order to provide the Association with the necessary finances to comply with the requirements of the Covenants and Restrictions in an amount to be determined by the membership at the Annual Meeting. Assessments shall be due and payable no later than thirty (30) days after the mailing of assessment notices prior to the start of the new fiscal year, except in the event a member has entered into a payment plan agreement with the Association.

2. The following is the Alternative Payment Schedule Guideline of the Association:

    a. The Association shall, upon a Member's request, enter into a payment plan agreement with any Member in the Association for the payment of any assessment, whether current or past due, according to the following schedule:

  • Assessments less than or equal to $100.00, a payment plan term up to four months;
  • $100.00 up to $250.00, up to six months;
  • $250.00 up to $500.00, up to twelve months;
  • $500.00, up to eighteen months.

As long as the Member complies with the terms of the payment plan established hereunder, the Member shall not accrue any monetary penalties. The Member shall pay a fee of $25.00 for the administration of such payment plan.

The topic of liens is covered in our C&Rs, Articles 23-29.

You can always find our Covenants and Restrictions (as well as our bylaws) at www.arborsofcreekwood.com/crs.htm


The Broad Street bridge over Highway 360 is set to reopen on June 2!


Summer is upon us. Jump in a pool, fire up a grill and take life a little easier!

See you in the neighborhood.

Steve Cosio
President, Arbors HOA

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