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Early July, I sent each of you an email regarding some disturbing facts with Mansfield Landuse. No one is minding the store! I recently sent a request to City planner II/gas well, Art Wright; City planning/zoning, Felix Wong; City Gas Well Inspector, David Nicholson for basic data information: how many gas wells have been approved; how many are operating. As of this date, they still cannot give me the info. And our gas well activity log does not either. Yet other city websites can. Look at Grand Prairie: http://www.gptx.org/index.aspx?page=85

For these city depts to be approving such significant matters on behalf of the citizens that live here, I would think that the dept would have the records, audit them from time to time and know what we have in our neighborhoods. More importantly, if they don't know--when do they know when to stop?

I encourage each of you to pull off the Landuse Plan. It tells a projection of what City government has planned for Mansfield's future. There are 350 acres approved for gas and oil production. However, 158.52 (45%) of those gas wells are slotted to go into developed areas. Did you know--the ordinances are not protective to accomodate this industrial use in our neighborhoods? Of all the 24,000 acres in Mansfield, why are they putting them next grocery stores, neighborhoods and schools?

Finally know this: There is a project for a new Compressor station coming. You think another Walmart is bad-- This compressor station compound is coming behind Methodist Hospital and across the street from Hawaiian Falls. That is almost in Lowes Farm's backyard. There was no public hearing for it as it is not required. City doesn't inspect as it is state and federally owned. Woodland estates has one about 1000ft from our neighborhood. We had an event in May of this year. Homeowners woke up to an oily sheen on cars, in pools, creek, on gardens, and windows. TCEQ investigated and told us either tree sap or insect activity. Mansfield environmental dept told us perhaps the pickle factory (seriously? Oily pickles)

I would encourage you to go to Texas railroad commission website and click their enhanced GIS map and view Mansfield city yourself. Look at where your neighborhoods are.

As leaders of your community, you should be asking the city why they are making these decisions and why they do not adopt better ordinances that are protective of the air we breathe and the environment we live in. If you choose to do nothing, for yourself is one thing, but if you don't pass it to your community you forfeit the right for others to be informed.

Visit our website at: www.mansfieldgaswellawareness.weebly.com for resources to connect and be informed.

Dick Littell
Arbors HOA President

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